Outer Sole Protective Cover

(We place a thin rubber sole on top of your existing leather sole to extend the life of your shoes)

$30 and up

Includes FREE Shoe Shine

Shoe Stretching

(Widening or increasing the length)

$8 and up

Protective Heel Taps

(Plastic heel protectors added to the heel of your shoe to increase the life of them)

$8 and up

Park  Ave. Shoe Repair

Heel Replacement

(the little part on the bottom of your heels - Choices include leather, rubber, or combo leather/rubber)


$20 and up

Includes FREE Shoe Shine

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Saturday: 8am - 4pm

Sunday: Closed


509 Park Ave. Scotch Plains NJ 07076 US

Shoe Conditioning and Shining

Options Include (shoe shining, shoe conditioning, waterproofing and more)

$7 and up

Outer Sole Replacement

(The rubber or leather bottom of the shoe)

$38 and up

Includes FREE Shoe Shine