UGG Boot Cleaning & Repair... Our Specialty! 

Don't know how to clean your UGG boots?  We at Park Ave. Shoe Repair believe that we have perfected the art of cleaning UGG and other sheepskin boots.  For years were have been cleaning UGG boots for customers from all different parts of the U.S.

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UGG Boot Cleaning
"Inside and out cleaned to a
fresh scent!!"
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* Once you have completed your order, please visit the Mail-In Repairs Page and print and complete the order form. Insert this form with your UGGs prior to shipping. Please do not use an UGG Boot Box when shipping. They will not be returned in that box if they are.
Rip and Tear Repair

 Please email us at for pricing.
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Before and After

* Once you have completed your order, please visit the Mail-In Repairs Page and print and complete the order form. Insert this form with your UGGs prior to shipping.

UGG Boot Cleaning & Small Rip Repair

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Sheepskin Insoles
Cut to size to fit the inside of your UGG Boots!!!


Only $10 when added with an UGG Boot Cleaning!
           Sheepskin Insoles plus Cleaning 

  UGG Boot Zipper Repair
                   Number of Zippers
UGG Boot Heel Replacement

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UGG Boot Cleaning &  Waterproofing

"Inside and out cleaned       to a fresh scent!!"

UGG Boot Waterproofing



UGG Slipper Cleaning


UGG Boots - Children & Baby

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Park Ave. Shoe Repair
What our customers are saying....

I had gotten a pair of black tall Uggs and after only a few months (of wearing them almost everyday) the support on the back where the label was broke. I'm not sure how or why this happened but they had to be fixed. Some one had told me of this repair shop, so I gave it a try. When i got them back a few days later they were PERFECT!! and the best part was you couldn't tell. I would definitely go back and i have. :)
Gina, Bloomingdale NJ

I have a pair of brand new chestnut UGGs and I got oil on them. I tried cleaning them with the real UGG cleaner and it just made it worse. I researched places online and I ended up finding a place called Park Ave Shoe Repair in NJ....I sent them to the woman and just got them back. She did an absolutely AMAZING job! I can't believe how perfect they look. The website is I usually don't give reviews but this woman was so nice and helpful, I also got them back so fast. they make it really easy go on the website and they have a section dedicated to uggs, you pick the service that you want and how you want to pay, I did the works and it was only $38 with shipping included!
Robin, Kingston MA

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Great owners who have many years of experience! I have been to shoe repair shops that repair my heels and then they continue to break. I took my heels to Park Ave., and they are as good as new! Easily accessible location, also do a great job cleaning UGG boots! Saves me the shoes I love and the money I would have to spend buying new shoes!‎
Chelsea, Perrineville, NJ

I recently sent in a pair of UGG boots to have cleaned, because my daughter had spilled nail polish on them. I can not even believe that you were able to completely remove this stain. These boots were brand new and a Christmas gift and I was sure they were ruined. I am so pleased with the results and you guys are just amazing. These boots honestly look brand new again!!  Believe me, I may be way out on the West Coast, but I am telling everyone I know about how great you guys are and encouraging them to send their UGGS to you if they every need cleaning. Thanks so much for saving these boots.
Eric, CA

I have a new pair of UGG gray boots that's been soiled of flood water. I've tried to remove the soil but no luck it get worse so I searched who can help me and I cross upon a testimonial about Park Ave Shoe Repair and I immediately called Anna. I'm so pleased with their services, she even called me letting me know that my shoes is being ship. They make my Ugg looks the same way I bought it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to everybody I know especially friends that have Ugg boots too. Thank you so much for saving my UGG boots ;)
Jeanne, Los Angeles CA
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