Let us help you keep your beautiful red soles looking red!

Christian Louboutin

What is a RED Protective Sole?

A thin, rubber, non-slip sole saver which is placed on the top of your existing sole. It helps provide extra comfort and style while preventing excessive wear. The protective sole can be placed on the top of both new and used soles.



Protective Red Sole and Heel Repair

$55.00 & Up
 Red Protective Sole

$45.00 & Up
Red Leather Sole + Protective Sole
 and Heel Repair

$75.00 & Up

Heel Repair


$13.00 & Up

Waterproofing Christian Louboutin


$12.00 & Up
Park Ave. Shoe Repair
What people are saying...

I love Park Avenue Shoe Repair. After googling "Louboutin sole repair" and finding one expensive LA shoe repair place after another, I came across a Yelp review of PASR. The comments were wonderful so I sent them an email. Marc was a doll. He replied within the hour and even created an option on the website for flats like mine that didn't need a new heel but needed to be resoled. I shipped them off and within 2 weeks I received my beautiful flats back looking better than ever. The red sole matched perfectly and they even fixed the numerous scratches on the leather. I can't brag about them enough and will only send my Louboutins to Park Avenue Shoe Repair!
Christina, Austin TX

I had taken my one week old never worn Christian Louboutins stilettos to my trusty local neighborhood shoe repair for obvious reasons....I wanted to protect that gorgeous signature red sole. Well...when I picked up my shoes I honestly cried no lie, they were an absolute mess, the red rubber protective soles had been cut and placed crooked, uneven and glue was everywhere. I was devastated as you can understand but not in my nature to react hurt anyones feelings, I grabbed my destroyed $1000 pumps and ran into my car where my husband was waiting, he took one look at my face and knew I was disatisfied, I began to sob. He promised me a new pair but I thought how unfair, they were as new as the next pair. In panic I jumped on the net and searched for pros specializing in repairs of such decadent footwear and was delighted when I came across Park ave Shoe Repairs, I immediately called and spoke with Nick who when I explained my disaster instantly reassured me they can be repaired. Although a bit far I got in my car the following day and left them in Nicks hands as I was about to walk out the door I met Roberto (Nicks son) who was very confident in saving my investment. Truthfully I thought to myself they cant possibly look any worse. Finally it was time, shoes were ready...I could not believe my eyes!!! OMG they were PERFECT!!!!!!! The matching of the color, the even sole, just FLAWLESS!!!!!!!!!! And even more surprised in how reasonably priced they are. I was veryyyy pleased from how I was greated by this family runned business to the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING job and reputation they stand so proudly behind!!! THANK YOU PARK AVE SHOE REPAIR!!!!! ROBERTO....YOUR A MAGICIAN!!! Forever now your customer.
Yanna, Long Island City NY

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